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Diving Highlights in Thailand: From Frog Fish to Whale Sharks

April 6, 2017

An extensive variety of marine animals abound in Thailand's rich waters --- a wonderland for divers. Here we have put together our top 20 list of highlights to introduce you...

What is better: Buying or renting scuba dive equipment?

March 16, 2017

Once you start your scuba diving you are likely to never want to stop. Exploring the ocean is a hard habit to kick once you've taken...

How to dive responsibly with big fish such as mantas and whalesharks

January 31, 2017

  Diving with Big Fish in Thailand is a dream of many scuba divers   Whale sharks and manta rays…deep down we all want to see...

Phuket Beaches

October 5, 2016

Time for recovery - Discover the beautiful beaches on the island of Phuket Even a hardcore diver needs a break.. Is there a better place to...

Responsible tourism Thailand

August 13, 2016

We as divers have a natural interest in the natural world and all it’s wonderful inhabitants. Scuba diving brings us close to our marine friends so...

A Dive Instructors Life

June 11, 2016

We have a lot of handsome, smart and fun instructors in our team. One of them is Chok, born and raised in Thailand. As it is...

Phi Phi Island – Boats and more

April 8, 2016

Today we want to introduce you to Caterina. Caterina was our dive master trainee since November 2015 and is now a "professional" a full member in...

Thailand – Dive into centuries of old culture

March 8, 2016

As a diver you choose your holiday destination based on dive spots. You have to have priorities, of course! Nobody understands you better than us☺  ...

Dive for the love of… fish!

January 30, 2016

When you hear divers talk about diving. Whether it’s new divers or divers who’ve been diving for years it’s all about the fish! Different dive destinations...