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The Andaman Sea

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What to expect on holidays at the Andaman Sea!

What and Where is it?

Suppose you're planning your next getaway and searching for remarkable long white beaches, breathtaking, scenic views, and a vibrant underwater world. In that case, the Andaman Islands are just the place to be. The Andaman sea, located south of Myanmar and west of Thailand and Malaysia, beholds some of the most diverse and rich wildlife and culture. This strip of the Indian Ocean contains some of the most well-known and popular travel destinations in Thailand, maybe even Southeast Asia. Such as Phuket, KrabiKhao Lak and the Phi Phi islands. 

Features of the Andaman

The Andaman sea offers a variety of astounding views including tropical rainforest, long stretches of white sands, fields of palm trees and peaceful mangroves for you to explore. There are plenty of on land activities for you to enjoy like waterfall hikes, visiting local attractions like the Big Buddha in Phuket or James Bond Island in Phang Nga and helping out at elephant sanctuaries. 

Andaman Scuba Diving

One of the strongest attributes of the Andaman Sea is the astonishing underwater world filled with colorful, vibrant corals and exotic marine life. The water temperature ranges from 25-29°C year round which contributes to it being one of the best diving destinations worldwide. Diving in the Andaman sea is a truly unique experience as you will find a great variation of beautiful species and complex structures of blooming coral reefs. From giant whale sharks to the tiniest nudibranchs, you can expect to be amazed by the buzzing underwater world of the Andaman sea. 

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Scuba diving Andaman Sea