Racha Yai cover

Racha Yai – Bay 1/2


Bay 1/2 Dive Site Info

Location: Racha Yai Island

Distance: 60-minute boat-trip 

Depth: 3-35 meters

Difficulty: Beginner 

Visibility: Very good

Fish: Batfish, Stonefish, Moray Eely, Barracudas, and Ghost pipe fish 

Highlight: Shipwreck, 2 buried scooters, and an artificial reef. 


Staghorn Reef

From the Chalong Pier, Racha Yai is only a short 1-hour boat trip away. Bay 1/2 also known as Staghorn Reef is located towards the island's northeast and is conveniently shielded from wind and waves. This makes scuba diving adventures possible even in really severe weather. The short distance makes this location a prevalent dive spot for a variety of day trips from Phuket.

Dive highlights

Under the water, you will find a collection of artificial reefs which have been built on the sandy sections to protect the shallow hard coral reefs whilst providing a home for all types of marine life. The cube-shaped metal structures also host stunning coral formations with beautiful colors. 

The Highlight of the trip is without a doubt the small shipwreck and two buried scooters - perfect for underwater pictures!


What can you see?

Large schools of barracuda are frequently among the numerous different species that might be observed. Numerous gobies that coexist with crabs reside in the sandy spaces between them. Moray eels loom between the artificial reefs with the occasional appearance of Stone and Scorpion fish at the deeper levels. At the shipwreck, a large number of inquisitive Batfish frequently pass by. 

How to get there?

Sea Bees Diving has been running day trips to the Racha Islands for over 30 years. If you are interested in scuba diving or snorkeling - check out our day trip schedule! Or get in touch with us through Whatsapp or messenger.