A Dive Instructors Life

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We have a lot of handsome, smart and fun instructors in our team. One of them is Chok, born and raised in Thailand. As it is not very common for Asians to learn any kind of water sports and end up teaching them we thought that this is a unique story tell. We interviewed Chok and got a little idea about his life.



When did you learn diving and what make you interested in diving?

Chok: I started diving 8 years ago because of my friend. She was already a diving instructor at this time and I made the Open Water Course with her. During my first few dives I wasn’t quite sure if I even liked it. After a while I really started enjoying myself diving and the marine life and that’s when I decided to do my divemaster course and I just loved it.




When did you decide to make diving a career?

Chok: After I became divemaster I wanted to get more experience by working as a divemaster. Getting more experience with a regular job is pretty difficult because of the time you need to invest. But because Thai divemasters and instructors are rare my chances were good and I could earn some money with my hobby. 3 years later I decided to step up another level and become an instructor.



What did you do before working as a pro diver?

Chok: I did several jobs. For 1 year in worked in a hospital with HIV patients, which was very interesting. I also taught art in a school and after that I moved back to my hometown and worked in a hotel as a receptionist.


How did you become an instructor and where?

Chok: My instructor course took place on Phi Phi Island with 4 other candidates, which is also where I started working as a divemaster. Right after that I started my career at Sea Bees Khao Lak and now I am working for Sea Bees Diving Phuket in Chalong.




What do you love most about diving?

Chok: I love the marine life, it fascinates me and even for a professional and experienced diver the underwater world keeps surprising me. Customers are also a huge part why I enjoy my job a lot. Meeting different people from different countries never gets boring and being able to present to them Thailand’s marine life is my great pleasure.


What do you like most about working with Sea Bees?

Chok: Working with Sea Bees Diving means first of all working in a team. Being with your friends and doing what you love – it doesn’t even feel like work 🙂 Sea Bees Diving is very organised and we have the comfort of our own boats, our own customers, which creates a great family atmosphere. Last but not least I very much appreciate the food on all of our boats. Every day our cooks wake up early in the morning and go to buy fresh ingredients for breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner to service our customers and us.




What are your future plans?

Chok: I enjoy working with Sea Bees a lot! My future plan is to do what I already do 🙂 To give our customers the best dive experience in the Andaman Sea and be part of great memories.


When you got affected from so much diving passion send us an Email to info@sea-bees.com and book your next dive adventure wit Chok and fantastic team of dive instructors.
Happy Divers everywhere – Team Sea Bees 🙂