A day onboard in Khao Lak

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If you are a scuba diver or a snorkeler you have probably experienced many beautiful days onboard a daytrip boat in different places all around the world. But have you ever thought about the people “behind the scenes” who make it all work? First of all you need an experienced international team that works together very smoothly, you need your colleagues to be professionals you can rely on and have fun with at the same time. It is this spirit we are working in here at Sea Bees Diving Khao Lak. Or can you imagine one person alone carrying the up to 140 tanks per day on and off the boat by himself? Or all the fresh fruit and vegetables and – in the evening – wet towels, all the things that spoil our guests during the day? No, you really need strong partners for enjoyable tasks like these…

One of our most important team members is a person no one thinks of at first: it is our fantastic cook. She creates miracles in the tiny galley that is referred to as a kitchen. Fresh european style breakfast and thai style lunches are prepared on a daily basis to keep guests and crew members cheerful and strong on our daytrips to the Similan Islands. The Captain and boat crew are also on hand to help guests (and some of the staff) in and out of the water as well as for driving the “Stingray” and providing surface cover in our Zodiac. By the way, getting into the Zodiac can provide for some hilarious sights, normally at the expense of our tour leader…



What we enjoy most, though, is when our guests just cannot stop telling about all the astonishing marine life they have just seen here in Thailand’s most famous region for diving and snorkeling and cannot wait to jump again into the warm and clear waters of Thailand’s Andaman Sea – we do have many guests returning to us year after year.

We know that it is not nature’s beauty by itself that make them come back. Every single one of us contributed to this success by choosing the most beautiful dive sites, giving comprehensive briefings, guiding our guests safely through the underwater world and infecting them with our passion for diving in and around the Similan Islands.

Our job is nothing for wimps; we work hard and long hours and often do not remember our last day off. But: we love our jobs and would not change with anyone in the world. Being a diving professional in Khao Lak and spending everyday among diving enthusiasts from all over the world for us is all we ever wanted. Our aim is that going on a daytrip with Sea Bees is not just another day of diving, but we would like our guests to remember this experience as a very special occasion, a highlight of their holidays.

In this case then, we feel that we deserve the last task of the day: enjoying a drink together in one of Khao Lak’s cozy cafes or bars – knowing we are part of one of the best teams you can imagine