Racha Yai Bay 3

Racha Yai – Bay 3

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Bay 3 Dive Site Info

Location: Racha Yai Island

Distance: 60-minute boat-trip 

Depth: 5-35 meters

Difficulty: Beginner 

Visibility: Very good

Fish: Batfish, Stonefish, Moray Eely, Barracudas, and Ghost pipe fish 

Highlight: All the hard corals that surround Lucy's reef and the occasional eagle ray


Lucy's Reef

One hour boat trip away from Phuket, Bay 3 is an absolute Racha Yai classic. Commonly known as Lucy’s Reef, it provides a great diving site for training dives. Although it is not one of the most glamorous dive spots, it contains plenty of coral and various fish to keep divers entertained throughout the entire dive. In the deeper waters, there are artificial cube reefs with occasional sightings of Barracudas and if you pay close attention, the smallest of Nudibranches as well. 

Dive highlights

Bay 3 is known for its array of hard corals and beautiful rock formations deeper down, however, the shallow parts of the bay are the finest parts to begin and end your dive. This makes Bay 3 a great dive spot for kids and people new to diving which is why most Open Water Dive courses are done here to assist beginners in getting used to diving. 


Mantis shrimp in reef
Lionfish pair in the ocean
stingray and scuba diver
group of Batfish
White Sea Horse

What else can you see?

It is not just a nice underwater dive spot but also hosts a relaxed atmosphere with a view of the white beaches of Racha with a backdrop of lush green jungles and vegetation - perfect to enjoy a lunch meal in between dives. 

How to get there?

Sea Bees Diving has been running day trips to the Racha Islands for over 30 years. If you are interested in scuba diving or snorkeling - check out our day trip schedule! Or get in touch with us through Whatsapp or messenger.