If you prefer small dive groups, comfortable boats and an offer that is 100% made for divers, we are the right fit for you!

For over 20 years Sea Bees Diving have been operating our dive centers in Thailand and know exactly what divers want from their holiday.

Sea Bees Diving are situated in 4 locations in Southern Thailand

All our Sea Bees diving centers are well equipped with modern, high quality dive gear and staffed by well-trained professionals.

Our own bungalow resorts are the perfect place for your diving holiday as they fully cater to scuba divers.

Sea Bees Diving operate our own boats

With our own boats we carry out day trips as well as diving safaris to the most beautiful sites in the Andaman Sea.

Our day cruisers, specially designed for divers, are spacious and comfortably equipped with everything the diving heart desires.

The dives take place within small groups, which are arranged according to similar levels of experience.

Our highly experienced Sea Bees diving guides will show you the most sensational spots and animals on the reef and always ensure safe dives.

Sea Bees Diving is an instructor development center

Of course, we also offer the entire range of diving courses from beginner to instructor level.

And speaking of diving instructors, our own instructors here at Sea Bees Diving are put through a rigorous six month training period to ensure the high quality of service and instruction they will provide.

This way, you can be assured that our instructors have ample experience, know the dive sites perfectly and have adopted our service ideas to provide our guests with an unforgettable diving holiday in Thailand.

Sea Bees Diving are an award winning dive center in Thailand under German management

For our long-term commitment and the constant high quality of our diving offers, we were rewarded with numerous prizes. Here are just a few:

10x Winner of the Golden Dolphin for the best diving base in Southeast Asia & Pacific
3x winner of the prestigious Thailand Tourism Award
And we are the only DIN certified diving school in Thailand

But much more important than these awards is the positive feedback from our guests, who spent wonderful diving holidays with us.

In the last 20 years we have shown 10s of thousands of divers the beauty of our dive sites and variety in marine life here in Thailand.

We would love to share our passion for diving in Thailand with you too!

Sea Bees Diving is my first Choice!

Even though living in Thailand and being part of the scuba diving industry, I don`t get to dive as often as I wish. But if I have the chance to go out on a dive trip, SEA BEES Diving is my first choice. The boats, the scuba equipment, the staff, the food and the drinks, everything is just as it should be!


Mig Werle

General Manager

Aqualung Southeast Asia

We would love to share our passion for diving in Thailand with you too!

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