Sharks of Thailand

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Whale Sharks Phuket

A Divers Favorite

One of the many benefits of scuba diving in Phuket is the diversity of marine life you will encounter, this includes Sharks. Although there are many common misconceptions surrounding Sharks, they are the favorite marine animal for a majority of divers. With their dominant and majestic nature, they manage to compel divers into falling in love with them

Misconceptions of Sharks

However they are severely misjudged and prejudice surrounds their reputation, as they are painted as vicious, man-eating predators which in reality couldn't be further from the truth. This stereotype formed through shark attacks in the past which have been over-exaggerated when in truth sharks don’t prey on humans, especially scuba divers. There are around 10 fatal shark attacks yearly around the world which is less than deaths from household appliances. These accidental attacks happen due to sharks' poor eyesight as they might confuse a surfer for a seal or turtle.

Shark population

Thailand, like the rest of the world, has experienced a decline in shark population due to long-line fishing and the increase in demand for Shark Fin. This is a huge problem for the ocean's ecosystem as a disbalance of species will occur. It is estimated that around 100 million sharks are killed yearly and there has been a 70% decline in Shark populations in the past 50 years. Scuba divers in Thailand and around the world will notice this change when underwater and hopefully encourage more people to support shark conservation. We at Sea Bees Diving are incredibly passionate about shark conservation and thrive to make a change by educating our scuba divers. For more information on shark conservation, visit and

Scuba Diving in Phuket for Sharks

When scuba diving in Phuket you will be introduced to a variety of shark species and quickly learn how different they all are from each other. The most commonly found species of sharks in Thailand are Whitetip Reef Sharks, Blacktip Reef Sharks, and Leopard Sharks. These species are usually found around coral reefs in shallow water and are known to be friendly and easy to approach. Blacktip Reef Sharks are often seen in Phi Phi which can be accessed by our day trips

Scuba diving Andaman Sea

Where to find the big boys?

One of the rare shark species found in Thailand is Whale Sharks, these beauties are on the bucket list of most scuba divers and you can call yourself extremely lucky if you see these while scuba diving in Phuket. They are most likely found in dive sites around Richelieu Rock (which can be reached by our Khao Lak day trips and Liveaboards!) and Koh Tachai. These beauties can grow up to 15 meters long, explaining why they are not only the biggest shark species but also the biggest species of fish. Seeing these majestic creatures is definitely a reason to go scuba diving in Thailand.