Our new aid campaign – support for the vulnerable families

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Hello Friends,

Thanks to your continued support, our aid-campaign has now lasted nearly two years and we have been able to help many families so far. At the beginning of the campaign we focused on general aid to the people in the workers’ camps and slums here on Phuket, but as enough work and construction slowly returned to the island this aid was no longer needed.

Our good friend Aunya Gottschalk had already started another relief campaign during this time, in which she chose 12 families from over 300 unfortunate families she initially helped with much needed supplies.

All of these families have experienced major financial difficulties due to COVID and have family members to look after at home.

We have now joined this campaign as a sponsor and support these families monthly with goods for special hygiene and medical items.

Their gratitude is immense and we are always touched to see the happy beneficiaries when we pass on your financial help to them in this way.

If you would like to get involved in this aid effort, you are welcome to do so in the form of a donation or simply drop by at the beginning of the month and join us when we visit the families.

If you can help please contact us here


Please support us if you can.

We opened a special bank account and all funds will go into buying food essentials.

The account details remain the same as our previous campaign, thanking you for your continued support.

Euro Account (Germany Bank) for the donations:

The account holder: Sea Bees Diving

IBAN: DE86 7225 0160 1020 2807 47


Donations can also be made via PayPal: info@sea-bees.com

Every small amount counts enormously for the people living here in this period.

Thank you a lot and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.