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Does your next dive trip include Khao Lak?


Great! We will show you everything that awaits you when diving in Khao Lak!


Some information about the holiday region Khao Lak


Khao Lak is a fantastic holiday region in southern Thailand, about 60 km north of Phuket. Mass tourism and crowded beaches are, thankfully, not yet here. In the small main town are numerous restaurants, shops, massage spas as well as banks. But generally, those who visit step out of the town and into its surrounds where the scene can be described as Thai idyll.


The hinterland is hilly and full of tropical forests in lush green. There are hiking trails and waterfalls for sporty explorers. However, most visitors come here to experience the long sandy beaches which line up from south to north.


What to expect when diving in Khao Lak



The big attraction for travel to Khao Lak is of course the diving. And this is generally due to the world-famous Similan Islands and the islands to the north.


Due to its distance from the mainland, diving in Khao Lak is usually done with boat day trips. There are also a few dive sites closer to the mainland, but the most beautiful places are a little further away.


The nearby dive sites include three wrecks, all worthy of a dive and alive with thriving fish populations.


Here you can find more information about our wreck diving tours in Khao Lak.


At Sea Bees, we use our comfortable Motor Catamaran MC Sundancer for scuba diving day trips to the Similan Islands. The boat was specially designed for divers and has set new standards for diving in Khao Lak.


sea bees new dive boat khao lak


The dive sites of Khao Lak


The dive sites in Khao Lak are on average at a maximum depth of 18 to 40+ meters and generally range in level of difficulty from easy to medium. For some sites like Koh Bon, Koh Tachai and the wrecks, more experience is definitely appropriate.


The dive sites on the Similan Islands inspire with steep walls, small caves, overhangs and above all the impressive rock formations. In many places, there are also good opportunities for large-scale fishing with sharks, manta rays and other pelagic animals.

More about scuba diving at the Similan Islands


Our dive trips in Khao Lak


We have a fixed schedule for our day trips in Khao Lak and go to a different destination every day. We normally dive twice a day, on certain days even 3 times.

More information about our daytrips in Khao Lak can be found here.


Sequence of a diving day at Sea Bees in Khao Lak


All diving trips in Khao Lak start from the port in Tap Lamu. That is, no matter where your hotel is during your diving holiday in Khao Lak (and at which diving school you dive) you will have to come to Tap Lamu to commence your dive.


Tap Lamu is a place slightly south of Khao Lak across the hill. The journey time from most hotels in Khao Lak is 15-30 minutes.


If you dive with Sea Bees, our driver will pick you up from the hotel in the morning and bring you safely to our diving base in Khao Lak.


After a short check-in in the base, we continue by minibus to the boat.


On board, our English-speaking instructors, our Thai crew and a freshly prepared breakfast await you. As soon as all are on board, the boat will leave and go to the first dive site.



How we dive at Sea Bees


As security and fun are our top priority, we always dive in small groups of up to four divers per dive instructor or divemaster in Khao Lak.


If desired, you along with your buddy can do the dives on your own; the prerequisite being an appropriate level of experience and a detailed briefing from one of our guides.


After the dives we perform a sufficient surface interval of at least 90 minutes. During the break, there is time for a freshly prepared lunch, a few cold drinks and maybe a leisurely swim in one of the bays.


After the second dive at another dive site, you will head back to the mainland.


Usually we are back at the port at around 4.30pm and then you are transported back safely to your hotel in an air-conditioned minibus.


More diving offers in Khao Lak


In addition to the day trips, we also offer diving courses for beginners as well as diving instructors. More information on dive courses can be found here.


And if you prefer to go on safari on your diving holiday in Khao Lak then take a look at our Genesis Tours, which will take you to Khao Lak’s best dive sites over 3 days and 2 nights.



Finally, for the perfect diving holiday in Khao Lak, we recommend our own diving resort. A small bungalow complex in the middle of the green is also integrated into our diving school here.
Our beginners’ dive courses also take place here. As many of our guests stay here, you will quickly make new friends and share your dive adventures with them.

Have we awakened your interest in diving in Khao Lak? Then write us a message right now, and we will send you an individual offer.