Phuket Food Relief – support for the vulnerable families

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Dear friends and diving family,

It is now official that there will be no international flights leaving Phuket until July. We had our hopes high that we could resume our diving service sometime during the summer, but right now the future is uncertain and not that bright. For those of us who live in Phuket, the situation is unprecedented especially because tourism related activities support almost all the islands inhabitants.

Now that everything has been shut down for months already, the people living and working here are struggling to find a source of income. With the situation not looking like it will change anytime soon, it is clear that Phuket won’t be able to sustain itself sufficiently for the near future.

We at Sea Bees Diving, do our best to support all our local staff but there are dozens of thousands of people out there who can’t afford to buy food anymore.

We can help a bit, here is how:

  1. Buy food essentials
  2. Make individual family food packages
  3. Sea Bees members deliver the packages to the people in need.

If you can help please contact us here


Please support us if you can. We opened a special bank account and all funds will go into buying food essentials. We’ll keep everyone updated on progress and each delivery on our social media.

Euro Account (Germany Bank) for the donations:

The account holder: Sea Bees Diving

IBAN: DE86 7225 0160 1020 2807 47


Donations can also be made via PayPal:

Every small amount counts enormously for the people living here in this period.

Thank you a lot and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.