Are you planning to spend your diving holiday here in Thailand?

We are here to make your dive trip the most outstanding experience you could ever imagine! For 20 years we have been providing daytrips, dive safaris and courses from our base in Phuket.

Unlike other dive companies, we are totally independent and self-reliant. With our own hotels, fleet of boats and dedication to safety and service; you are guaranteed a smooth and memorable experience during your Thailand adventure.

Our dedication to our customers hasn’t gone unnoticed:

We are the 10x winner of the prestigious Golden Dolphin awards as “Best Dive Centre in South-East Asia and Pacific” And we are the only dive center in Thailand with a 5 Star DIN certification for “Proven Top Service Provider”.

We are also a proud member of Quality Divers and are proud to be able to offer the best diving education through our dive academy and training facilities.

Our Mission

We deliver world-famous Thai hospitality to divers from across the globe. Whether you’re a diving veteran or a thrill-seeking new starter, we offer a professional, multilingual service that will show you the very best of Southern Thailand and its dive sites. Beyond diving, we’re dedicated to respecting and practicing Thai culture in a sustainable way. We actively support efforts to end shark finning and campaign to stop the use of drift nets and long line fishing to preserve our marine environment.

Our Vision

We are dedicated to making every dive the very best it can be, always. We constantly strive to over-deliver and surpass all expectations to deliver an unforgettable experience. To this end, we are also environmentally minded and invest in the protection and restoration of our dive sites, so they can be enjoyed for decades to come.


#1 • 10 x winner of the Golden Dolphin Award

No other dive centre in Thailand has won this prestigious award; but with our dedication to unforgettable diving experiences, we’ve lifted this trophy nine times to make us the official "Best Dive Centre in the Indo-Pacific Region".

#2 • Life on deck is as great as life under the waves

We take great pride in our own fleet of boats whereas other dive boat owners utilise their vessels as simple “water taxis” with many different dive companies onboard at the same time.We know that your time on deck is an important part of your journey, so we make sure it’s as comfortable and organised as possible with a crew who treat you as the guest you are and not just another passenger.

#3 • 5 star service and safety

Our concern is your safety so you can focus on fun and relaxation. From our wetsuits to compressors, we are 5 star certified nationally and internationally (the only Dive Centre to be in Phuket and Khao Lak) and are fully ISO/DIN Certified.

#4 • Sea Bees quality every step of the way

We know that in between the diving, there’s a lot of time spent on boats. That’s why we exclusively use our own fleet to get you to your chosen dive sites.You’ll never spend a moment on a boat we don’t own, so we can guarantee you the comfort, service and safety that makes Sea Bees the envy of other dive centres.

#5 • A proud member of Quality Divers

We’re honoured to be the exclusive representative for Thailand of the International Association of Quality Divers. By diving with us, you qualify for the Quality Divers Member Card which gives you exclusive discounts on future dives at the best centres worldwide.

#6 • More than 25 years’ experience

We’ve been delivering unforgettable experiences for two decades, making us one of the most experienced and trusted dive centres. When you dive with Sea Bees, you’re diving with established professionals who know the dive sites like the back of their hands.

#7 • We know size matters

We pride ourselves on giving bigger experiences to smaller groups. This allows our guides to create more intimate and reactive adventures that make full use of your time in the water; spotting marine life you may not have found on your own and ensuring everyone’s needs and interests are catered for.

#8 • Our 100% dedication to diving

Our guides love to dive as much as you do and will always try to extend your time in the water whenever possible. On the other hand, your safety and comfort is our highest priority so we will never rush you back into the water between dives and will always wait a full 1.5 hours for desaturation so you’re operating at peak performance every time you dive with us.

#9 • Recipient of the "Thailand Tourism Award 2013 + 2015 + 2019"

Receiving this award from the Minister for Tourism and Sports was a great honour. The requirements needed were a demonstration of results in customer service and safety, as well as being environmentally conscious and signify a quality and excellence in tourism as well as a demonstration to support and strengthen Thailand's tourism sector.

#10 • No wheels, just waves

Every dive centre in Phuket ferries guests around in minibuses… Except us. Sea Bees Diving resort is only a short walk to the harbour; so if you are staying with us, you’re not a slave to bus schedules during your trip and can enjoy more free time in the morning and a greater choice of post-dive entertainment in the evening.