SSI Divemaster / Instructor Internship Program

From: 149,000 THB

You are willing to change you life style into a Diving life style?

Do not dream about your life, live you dream.
Choose from:

Divemaster Internship – Program duration: 2 months

Price: 149.000 THB

SSI Instructor Internship – Program duration: 4 month

Price: 199.000 THB

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Many divers dream about becoming a professional Divemaster or even a Dive Instructor

Do not dream about it, make it happen. The dive industry is always in need of new, enthusiastic and young dive professionals.

Our Internship program offers knowledge and practical skills far beyond the typical courses. 
Our Program includes more than the minimum required theoretical or practical application because we want to educate you to the top of the line. 

Therefore we created an Internship Program that takes you from Beginner to Divemaster and/or Instructor. Our Internship Programs are focused on practical application and background information. 

During the Internship program, you will gain:

* Excellent theory knowledgeThis knowledge will help you so your diver will feel safe and confident whenever being guided by you.

* Excellent diving skills 
During your training, you will be accompanied by an experienced Sea Bees Diving Instructor at all times. They will be your mentor and will  provide you with hints and tipps. The aim is to produce a confident, and for the whole dive industry, valuable Dive Guide/Divemaster/Instructor.

* Excellent dive equipment knowledge

You will learn about the latest modern dive equipment different Brands.
This knowledge will help you be a trusted advisor/counsellor to your Customer/Diver during the purchase process. 

* Excellent valuable experience

All Sea Bees Instructors will be happy to share their experience and knowledge with you. 
To gain such experience takes years so this is not a shortcut but you also gain valuable insight into what being part of a team is. 

Sea Bees SSI Dive Guide / Divemaster Internship programs are conducted in Phuket only. 
This personally tailored program is created to taking you all the way up to the SSI Divemaster and/or SSI Instructor.  

You only need to own a Open Water Diver certification to start one of our Internship programs.

We offer two options:

a) Divemaster Internship (start at the beginning of each month)

Program duration: 2 months

Price: 149.000 THB

 * Upgrade possible subject to surcharge

b) SSI Instructor Internship (start at the beginning of each month)

Program duration: 4 month 

Price: 199.000 THB

 * Upgrade possible subject to surcharge

What is included in this offer?

Items that are included in the price.

  • SSI Advanced Open Water Diver Course (4 specialties)
  • React Right Course (First Aid incl. CPR)
  • Oxygen Administration
  • SSI Stress & Rescue Course
  • SSI Dive guide / SSI Divemaster Course
  • all manuals & materials (digital and hard copy)
  • all certifications and SSI fees
  • 2 month accommodation (twin share) *
  • full set of standard dive equipment (Aqualung) (BCD, regulator, wetsuit, mask/snorkel, fins and booties) *
  • unlimited diving during your training

In case of Instructor Intership also:

  • SSI Assistant Instructor/Instructor Training Course
  • SSI Instructor Evaluation
  • 4 month accommodation (twin share) *
  • assistance with worldwide job application

 * Upgrade possible subject to surcharge


What is excluded in this offer?

Items that are not included in the price.

  • Extra / special Equipment like computer, compass etc. 
  • Meals when not on the boat
  • Transfers


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