At Sea Bees we offer you high quality scuba diving equipment for rent. Our manufacturer of choice is Aqualung.

Below you can find our prices for rental equipment.


Full Set 900,- Baht
Full Set Premium 1500,- Baht
Regulator 350,- Baht
BCD 350,- Baht
Mask, Fins Snorkel 300,- Baht
Wetsuit 300,- Baht
Dive computer 400,- Baht
UW Torch 300,- Baht
15l Tank 150,- Baht
Nitrox Tank 250,- Baht


Please note that we also offer a premium equipment rental option. At only 600 Baht extra you can dive with a comfortable weight integrated BCD and a fully balanced lightweight regulator.


premium equipment rental