Sea Bees Diving

For 20 years we have been providing daytrips, dive safaris and courses from our base in Phuket.


Unlike other dive companies, we are totally independent and self-reliant. With our own hotels, fleet of boats and dedication to safety and service; you are guaranteed a smooth and memorable experience during your Thailand adventure.


Our dedication to our customers hasn’t gone unnoticed, with 8 Golden Dolphin awards for “Best Dive Centre in South-East Asia and Pacific” to our name; as well as the only 5 Star DIN certification for “Proven Top Service Provider” held in Thailand.


We are also a Quality Divers member and are proud to be able to offer the best diving education through our dive academy and training facilities.


Our Mission

We deliver world-famous Thai hospitality to divers from across the globe. Whether you’re a diving veteran or a thrill-seeking new starter, we offer a professional, multilingual service that will show you the very best of Southern Thailand and its dive sites.


Beyond diving, we’re dedicated to respecting and practicing Thai culture in a sustainable way. We actively support efforts to end shark finning and campaign to stop the use of drift nets and long line fishing to preserve our marine environment.


Our Vision
We are dedicated to making every dive the very best it can be, always. We constantly strive to over-deliver and surpass all expectations to deliver an unforgettable experience.


To this end, we are also environmentally minded and invest in the protection and restoration of our dive sites, so they can be enjoyed for decades to come.


To see our values in detail, please read our “10 reasons to dive with us”.