The Pearl of the Andaman Sea

The largest of Thailand’s islands, Phuket is a heady mix of bustling bars, night spots, restaurants and truly spectacular dive locations.

Phuket Photographs

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Khao Lak

Where the adventure begins

Easy to get to, very hard to leave. The perfect spot to begin exploring the West Coast dive sites.

Khao Lak Photographs

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Phi Phi Island

The famous islands of Thailand

The newly opened Sea Bees Dive Centre on Koh Phi Phi is at the Holiday Inn Resort, located on the Northern part of the island on Laem Tong Beach. This beautiful white-sand beach is considered to be the most beautiful beach on Koh Phi Phi Island.

Phi Phi Island Photographs

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Nai Yang

Relax in a beautiful environment

A laid back attitude, but bursting with life.

Nai Yang Photographs


Pak Meng

An unforgettable experience.

Pak Meng Beach (or Hat Pak Meng) is a cosy, tourist-friendly place, mostly attended by Thai visitors on the weekends. If you’re looking to experience Thailand as it used to be twenty years ago, you need to look no further.

Pak Meng Photographs

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Enjoy a fantastic diving adventure

Our flagship, the Marco Polo, is ready to take you and your friends on a 6 day adventure to the best dive spots Thailand has to offer.


Spend some time getting to know the beauty of the Similan islands

Come with us and explore the beauty of the Andaman Sea. Find the hidden treasures of the Similan Islands while diving in Thailand.

10 Reasons To Dive With Us

Discover why people choose Sea Bees Diving

9 x winner of the Golden Dolphin Award

No other dive centre in Thailand has won this prestigious award; but with our dedication to unforgettable diving experiences, we’ve lifted this trophy nine times to make us the official "Best Dive Centre in the Indo-Pacific Region".

Life on deck is as great as life under the waves

We take great pride in our own fleet of boats whereas other dive boat owners utilise their vessels as simple “water taxis” with many different dive companies onboard at the same time.

We know that your time on deck is an important part of your journey, so we make sure it’s as comfortable and organised as possible with a crew who treat you as the guest you are and not just another passenger.

Recipient of the "Thailand Tourism Award 2013"

Receiving this award from the Minister for Tourism and Sports was a great honour. The requirements needed were a demonstration of results in customer service and safety, as well as being environmentally conscious and signify a quality and excellence in tourism as well as a demonstration to support and strengthen Thailand's tourism sector.

No wheels, just waves

Every dive centre in Phuket ferries guests around in minibuses… Except us.
Sea Bees Diving resort is only a short walk to the harbour; so you’re not a slave to bus schedules during your trip and can enjoy more free time in the morning and a greater choice of post-dive entertainment in the evening.

5 star service and safety

Our concern is your safety so you can focus on fun and relaxation. From our wetsuits to compressors, we are 5 star certified nationally and internationally (the only Dive Centre to be in Phuket and Khao Lak) and are fully ISO/DIN Certified.

Sea Bees quality every step of the way

We know that in between the diving, there’s a lot of time spent on boats. That’s why we exclusively use our own fleet to get you to your chosen dive sites.

You’ll never spend a moment on a boat we don’t own, so we can guarantee you the comfort, service and safety that makes Sea Bees the envy of other dive centres.

A proud member of Quality Divers

We’re honoured to be the exclusive representative for Thailand of the International Association of Quality Divers. By diving with us, you qualify for the Quality Divers Member Card which gives you exclusive discounts on future dives at the best centres worldwide.

Our 20 years’ experience

We’ve been delivering unforgettable experiences for two decades, making us one of the most experienced and trusted dive centres. When you dive with Sea Bees, you’re diving with established professionals who know the dive sites like the back of their hands.

We know size matters

We pride ourselves on giving bigger experiences to smaller groups. This allows our guides to create more intimate and reactive adventures that make full use of your time in the water; spotting marine life you may not have found on your own and ensuring everyone’s needs and interests are catered for.

Our 100% dedication to diving

Our guides love to dive as much as you do and will always try to extend your time in the water whenever possible. On the other hand, your safety and comfort is our highest priority so we will never rush you back into the water between dives and will always wait a full 1.5 hours for desaturation so you’re operating at peak performance every time you dive with us.

Supporting Shark Guardian

Supporting Shark Guardian

July 14, 2015

As many of our guests know when they visit our offices, Sea Bees Diving is just one of the many supporters of Shark Guardian and their various projects. But it’s not just their educational projects that are a success – they also run the largest citizen project in Thailand aimed at collecting shark observations by divers, snorkelers or swimmers and collect the information for conservation purposes.   The results of their December 2014 to May 2015 sightings have just been released.   Shark Guardian will monitor the percentages over the coming years to observe any increases or decreases that may point to where action is needed. By collecting historical data, they can also compare recently collected data compared to previous years. So, the next time you are in Phuket or Khao Lak and whether you dive, snorkel or just enjoy the great views from the boat, show you love ...

Tommy – The Turtle’s New Home

Tommy – The Turtle’s New Home

July 7, 2015

The first turtles have just arrived in the Mai Khao Marine Turtle Shelter – right in front of the Sea Bees Mai Khao dive centre at the JW Marriott Resort & Spa in North Phuket.     It took quite a while to get the water quality exactly right but it’s all working well now. And, with the help of Sea Bees Diving through a contribution of a pump for the filtration system, the shelter was ready to receive its first residents.     Tommy is a green turtle, very happy one considering he is blind and we hope he settles well into his new permanent home. Tommy will not be released into the wild as he would not be able to survive long but will be an important part of the educational process for all visitors. He will not be alone for long though as ...

Making the most of Phuket’s wet weather

Making the most of Phuket’s wet weather

June 30, 2015

During the rainy/monsoon/green season in Phuket, we replenish our wells, watch the jungle grow and relax a little more. Often, there are some beautiful days but when it is raining, here’s a few of the things we do:   – Very bad impressions of Bibendum – the Michelin Man     Visit the Trickeye Museum in Phuket Town – a fun and interactive way to spend the day making the most of trompe l’oeil images       There’s nothing better than a combination of shopping and watching the summer blockbuster movie and Phuket has two great shopping centres – Jungceylon in Patong and Central Festival close to Phuket Town which both have the great SFX movie theatres. A great       Pick one of the many spas and have a massage and relax after a busy season’s diving and there is such a great choice here.     Get some great surf time in ...

It’s not just about diving in Phuket

It’s not just about diving in Phuket

June 16, 2015

Believe it or not, it’s not just diving that is popular on Phuket!     Muay Thai, the national sport of Thailand, also attracts many sports enthusiasts. The traditional Thai boxing, a hundreds-year-old martial culture, is popular amongst the locals as well as an increasing number of foreign visitors.     A Brief History: Muay Thai evolved in the 17th century from the traditional and classic martial art of “Muay Boran” and its origins grew during a time of war between Siam (now Thailand) and Burma. If the sword and spear were unavailable for warriors, they would used their legs, fists and elbows instead to fight. “Krabi-krabong” (fighting with weapons) influenced Muay Thai a lot. This is seen by the “Wai Khru” (dance before the fight showing respect to the coach, referee and spectators). The late 18th century was not only the golden age for “Muay” but ...

Introducing the new Sea Bees Instructors

Introducing the new Sea Bees Instructors

May 16, 2015

After 8 months and 5 long, grueling days with IAC (International Aquanautic Club) Examiner, Oliver Mielke as well as Holger, Klaus and Karsten – the Assistant Instructors finally made it: they became Instructors!   Congratulations to Anita, Alessandra, Denise and Erik for passing their CMAS instructor examination.   Karsten and Klaus also had to work very hard. Karsten graduated to a CMAS 2 Star Instructor and Klaus to a CMAS 3 Star Instructor.   Well done everyone! Team Sea Bees is very proud you.     And so, on the last day of “punishment”, they all completed the crossover to become SSI (Scuba Schoools International) Instructors. Well, that was what they thought…       In the early evening, all Sea Bees staff, colleagues from Palm Garden, Oliver Mielke and some of our guests met at the Palm Garden Lobby. And so the games began…   Hosted by a very glamorous Neptune (aka Volker), ...

They Can’t Make It – Dolphin Song

They Can’t Make It – Dolphin Song

May 8, 2015

The dolphin song ” They Can’t Make It ” is an international association of diving centres who all have a common cause – to draw attention to the protection of dolphins. The theme is the hunting of marine mammals not just in the Japanese coastal town of but all over the world. “Dolphins are hunted savagely and killed in a brutal manner for profit. “We wanted this song to say how against nature this is and to help bring this slaughter to an end”, the songwriters stated. The song and its title refers to the futility for the dolphins when faced with human hunters. The central message: “Help the dolphins because, without you, they won’t make it!”   The songwriters have specifically asked that the song be shared so listen, share and do the right thing.   Team Sea Bees thanks you for your support.   Download ...

The Mai Khao Marine Turtle Foundation

The Mai Khao Marine Turtle Foundation

April 1, 2015

The Mai Khao Turtle Shelter at the JW Marriott Resort in Mai Khao will be ready for its grand opening on the first day of Songkran – 13th April.   The shelter will look after injured and juvenile turtles and also provide education and conservation. This unique project involves both private and public sectors.     In an interview with Khun Kittipan Sabkhoon, Manager of the Mai Khao Marine Turtle Foundation, we found out more about the new shelter.   Sea Bees: How many turtles will you raise?
Khun Kittipan: Initially, 4 turtles will be with us; 1  injured Olive Ridley, 1 injured Hawksbill, 1 blind Green turtle (Tommy) and 1 juvenile Green Turtle.   Sea Bees: How long do you keep them there or until what age before they are released?
Khun Kittipan: The 3 injured turtles will be staying with us indefinitely as they would not survive otherwise in the wild. ...

The New Sea Bees Website

The New Sea Bees Website

April 1, 2015

AT LAST! After many months of development, major changes, photo shoots, text edits and many many hours of discussion, re-editing, more discussion, changes and then more changes… we are very proud to present the new Sea Bees Diving website.     You will find everything you need as before but, with a fresh approach, some of our more popular images making the whole experience a lot easier to navigate and in fewer clicks too.   One new feature is our booking system: we are now able to offer our major products online. So you can now book your next day trip before getting on the plane!     As already mentioned, we now have plenty of wonderful images on our new website. Frank Schneider, Jeff Davies, Monique Lindner and some other great friends who took these shots have been kind enough to donate them – thank you all ...

Cleanup at Nai Yang Reef  on 16th and 30th of November 2014

Cleanup at Nai Yang Reef on 16th and 30th of November 2014

November 7, 2014

The Nai Yang House Reef is a vital area for many juvenile reef fish, but also for all kind of crustaceans. The reef not only suffers from lots of sand from Nai Yang Bay as well as local fishermen walking upon it at low tide, it is also dramatically covered by torn fishing nets and plastic bags, suffocating the surviving coral. We are looking for your support in cleaning up the reef together! We will provide pick up for the areas from Chalong, Kata, Karon, Patong, Surin and Laguna as well as tanks and weights. We will also look after fppd and drinks of course in between the two dives. Please register with your name, date and pick-up-point to Why we need your help

Welcome to our new Assistant Instructors

Welcome to our new Assistant Instructors

October 7, 2014

Erik, Denise, Niklas, Anita and Nelson – our new Assistant Instructor “Crew” is ready to go! Erik, Denise, Niklas, Anita and Nelson (left to right) are ready to go! Arriving just a few weeks ago they were given a very warm welcome here in Thailand. And then, after the first proper monsoon shower, our trainees knew why it is called the “rainy season” and are really looking forward to the upcoming season full of sun and multicoloured blue seas. They will be trained to the high Sea Bees Diving standards and will go through an 8 month internship covering all aspects of a dive business – not just being an instructor! But what do we know about the 5 of them? We asked them about where they come from and some background information.
Niklas is from Germany and arrived with an addiction to ...

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