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Diveguide / Divemaster Course – Phuket

From: ฿ 39,000
Welcome to the first step towards your professional diving career.
Share your passion and love for diving and the underwater world with others by realizing your dream, become an active member in the diving industry, become SSI Diveguide/Divemaster.


SSI Dive guide: 
You are looking to turn your passion into a job?
This course is the start towards your path in an exciting dive career. 
The Dive guide program provides you with the knowledge, skills necessary to supervise and guide certified divers in variety of environments and conditions. 
Your mission is to inspire and influence other divers, and to increase your own knowledge, skills and experience by planning and leading dives.
Sea Bees Diving does not offer any “Crash Courses”, the duration of this course is normally not less then 21 days, during which time you gain valuable knowledge and experience. 
You will spend most of the time on our daytrip boat, because we know how important the practical hands-on hints and tips from your leading Instructor are. 
Candidates prerequisites: 
  • Minimum Age 15 (Must be 18 years old to work as an active status Professional Dive Guide).
  • Have logged at least 40 open water dives totalling 25 hours or more
  • Have at lease the a Diver Stress & Rescue certification or an equivalent
  • Have certification or equivalent experience: Navigation, Night & Limited Visibility, Deep Diving
Administration Requirement:   
  • RSTC Medical Statement signed by a physician within 1 year 
  • Proof of CPR Training within 2 years *)
  • Proof of First Aid Training within 2 years*)
  • Proof of Oxygen First Aid Training within 2 years *)                             


*) React Right Course (First Aid/CPR/O2) can be done right before the Dive Guide Program starts.
Science of Diving Speciality: 
This speciality is a main component for SSI Dive Guides who want to become an SSI Divemaster. 
This specialty program is required for most SSI Dive Professional program. The Science of Diving Speciality provides you with an in-depth and detailed study of physics, physiology, decompression theory, the aquatic environment and diving equipment.
SSI Divemaster: 
This qualification is awarded free of charge with the completion of SSI Dive Guide & the Science of Diving Speciality. 
After additional training you are able to assist Instructors as a certified assistant on open water training dives. 
The whole course give you also the opportunity to actively get involved and work in the dive center. This information is very useful and can be applied at a later time when searching for a job as a Divemaster.
Price: 39.000 THB
What is included in this offer? Items that are included in the price.

3 weeks of dive training with your instructor

All dives during this time

What is excluded in this offer? Items that are not included in the price.



Diving equipment

SSI Registration Fee
SSI Fee for the training materials (calculated according the the actual SSI price list)
You can also rent equipment from us. However, we recommend you to have your own equipment at this stage of your diving career.
You could also purchase some of the material here in Thailand.