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Nitrox Specialty Course – Khao Lak

From: ฿ 7,000

Learn how to safely dive with enriched air, containing higher oxygen levels.

This will allow you to dive longer and/or safer and is especially useful during diving holidays and liveaboards.  



Diving with enriched Air ( Nitrox) has the advantage, that it prolongs bottom time due to the reduced amount of nitrogen in the breathing gas. It also gives you the feeling of being less tired after a dive. The duration of this course is 2 days.

The first day will be held in a classroom.

During that time you will learn about the pros and cons of diving with regular air. The main goal of the course is to teach you how to plan a dive with enriched air.

To put theory into practice your instructor will take you out for 2 dives, which are done with 32% Nitrox.

What is included in this offer? Items that are included in the cost of the price.

2 dives from the boat with Nitrox
all meals, water and softdrinks on the boat
transfers from and to hotels in Khao Lak
loan of educational materials

What is excluded in this offer? Items that are not included in the cost of the price.

Nationalpark fee of Baht 700,- (subject to change) per day/person is not included.

Transfers from outside main Khao Lak area

Yes, 2 dives with Nitrox are included in the price of this course.


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