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The beautiful Surin Marine National Park is situated north of Similan and only 7km from the Burmese border. It consists of five granite islands covered in lush forest with idyllic beaches and crystal clear water.


The Surin Islands are an excellent place to find many breeds of turtles, as they come to Koh Chi to feed and lay their eggs. This area is also one of our favourite night dive locations. As well as turtles, we see many rays, crabs, shrimp and also reef sharks. There are gardens of anemones, sponges and an impressive variety of corals and giant clams. During the day the Northern Surin Islands are a top spot for “big fish”.


The famous Richelieu Rock is one of the world’s best locations for spotting whale sharks and is undeniably one of Thailand’s best dive sites. This submerged vista is surrounded by a series of underwater pinnacles covered in corals and sea fans, making this a spectacular wall dive.


Richelieu Rock is incredibly rich in marine life. Here you can see seahorses, shovel nose rays, moray eels, lion fish and schools of banner fish. Due to its open sea location you may also see larger migrants such as tuna, barracudas and trevallies.