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The island of Koh Bon rises steeply from the ocean, with a tropical rainforest that offers us divers a beautiful panorama at the surface. In some places, the rock wall falls 30m to the seabed down. The West end of the island turns into a rocky ridge that descends to about 40 m depth. Both sides of the island sometimes have a moderate current flow, creating an upwelling of nutrient rich colder water coming from the depths of the Indian Ocean.


Koh Bon Ridge diving map


The dive sites are mostly covered with hard corals & coral bommies. On the western corner there are whip corals and other soft corals. Some parts of the reef have been damaged by anchors. One of the reasons why the Similan Islands National Park in Khao Lak is closed for 6 months of the year is to allow the dive sites time to regenerate.


Morays, Oriental Sweetlips, large Angelfish, Scorpionfish, Groupers, innumerable Glass fish, Napoleon Wrasse, Octopus and Cuttlefish are just some examples of fish life there. But the “Macro fans” among us are not forgotten. Shrimps, Crabs, Nudibranchs and much more can also be found here… making the site suitable for all diving tastes.


KB Schnecke


KB Moraene


On the northeast side of Koh Bon is Koh Bon Pinnacle. This dive site is deep, it begins at 16m depth. This dive site is only possible to dive if the conditions are right and only recommended for experienced divers. The west side is a steep wall which is completely covered with yellow soft corals. Further north begins another rock formation that starts at 30m. Here you can encounter large Barracuda, Eagle Rays and sometimes White Tip Sharks and sleeping Leopard Sharks.


KB Ray


The probability of seeing Manta Rays in Koh Bon, is higher here than on other dive sites in the Similan Islands. The best time of year to see these graceful creatures is April and May, but this year we could see these beautiful beings as early as January, what a great new years present for us divers 🙂




Koh Bon is an amazing dive site, time and time again it amazes us divers with its selection of fish life and beautiful corals. With it’s beauty above the sea, as an added bonus for all of us.


Blog by Etelka, Team Sea Bees Khao Lak

Macro Photography by Johnny Shepens