Phuket is fighting – Japan Dolphin Day 2015

Diving is for many of us the most beautiful experience anyone can have! But what would the sea be without corals, seahorses, angelfish and sharks? What if Phuket’s Andaman Sea was empty? No dolphins, no fish, no life? In order to prevent this and protect our marine life, our future. Phuket has decided to fight against this!


Dolphin no 1


Earlier this year Phuket would invest money, deliver tourists and imprison dolphins in their dolphinarium. Due to the dedication of dive centers, residents, animal rights believers a petition was created. Through the wonderful social media, campaigns and even T-shirts being designed the end result was a success and now: PHUKET says NO to animals in captivity!


Imagine entering the underwater world to find the water red. We’re not talking about the classic and beautiful Red Sea, but water that has been turned red from blood. Blood of thousand of slaughtered Dolphins, if not killed, then sold to companies to be brutally managed and trapped in a dolphinarium until they die. In Taiji, Japan, every year around September 1st thousands of dolphins are brutally slaughtered.In 2009 the movie “The Cove” by Louie Psihoyos was released, an attempt to enlighten people to the brutal world of animal slaughtering. This film was the winner for the Academy Award of the Best Documentary Feature in 2010. Worth watching – diver or not. Don’t forget your tissues.


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Just because we are not famous directors, managers of large companies or environmentalist campaigners doesn’t mean we can’t make a difference, together we can still achieve something and protect our marine world! Ric O’Barry and the Dolphin Cove Monitor Project Team will be again visiting Taiji this year. Whether divers, animal rights activists, office workers, surfers or compassionate people, everyone can participate starting today! Something simple as talking to your friends, sharing pages on social media or spreading information to local people in your hometown.


Due to the work and dedication of Ric and the team slaughtering of Dolphins ended 1 month earlier last year this meant that the lives of hundreds of animals were saved!. A success that keeps everyone motivated to put a stop to this!


Those who are unable to visit Taiji, you can still get involved. We schedule events for local people such as: The Japan Dolphin Day. Please visit to get information and read inspirational stories from other successful projects.




Even if you do not want to get involved in any projects you can still do something. Something simple like: Avoid visiting dolphinariums, animal attractions and zoos worldwide.


Thank you! Team Sea Bees



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