Fantastic Similan trips

We signed up for two back to back 3 day cruises on the Genesis. The value is incredible. The boat is clean, efficient and organized. The diving involved more marine life than we have ever seen and we have dived Palau and Fiji. The food was fantastic with 5 meals per day. Cereal breakfast, full breakfast with eggs and cheese and bread and fruit (which is edible because they are careful about the water), lunch and dinner are about 4 Thai entrees not all spicy and a snack before the last dive. Our daughter has severe allergies to tomatoes and barley and they took care of her by leaving all tomatoes off the boat while taking care of 5 vegetarians at the same time. There are 3 dives on the first and last day and 4 on the middle day making this six days contain 20 possible dives. The Similan Islands are simpler diving and some of the others on the boat were new divers. The 12 divers are divided into groups of 3 to 5 and a dive master is assigned to each group. This helps because dive briefings may be in English and German and other languages but were always complete with drawings of the divesite. The best diving was on Richelieu Rock. We saw multiple cuttle fish in the same daytime dive, schools of fish that were measured in thousands, ghost pipefish, gorgeous soft corals and great visability in water so warm there was no need for a wetsuit. On other dives we saw some of the above and a zebra shark, blue spotted rays, frog fish, and many baby fish including some juvenile sergeant majors the size of bumble bees, and a tiny pissed off trigger fish. We also saw mantis, cleaner, banded and other shrimp, lobsters big enough to be scary, tons of clown and anemone fish, clown trigger fish and so many Lion fish that they got boring (still a little fun to photograph). We also saw scorpion and stone fish, loads of eels including honeycomb morays and free swimming eels on the wreck. We also spotted nudibranches, a hermit crab, giant sea fans, box fish and huge puffer fish. They even celebrated new years with champagne and aerial fireworks.

Karen Guthrie

Sea Bees says: Hi Karen, we are so happy to hear that you enjoyed your trip on the Genesis. It’s also amazing how many fish you have seen in those 6 days. Amazing Similans!

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