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"The 'Speedy Gonzales' in the waves"

The delicate blend of speed, safety and comfort, perfected.

Our speedboat, the “MY Trinity”, is especially designed for a divers wants and needs and represents the perfect symbiosis between velocity, safety and comfort. Even the distant dive sites – such as Hin Daeng and Hin Muang – can be comfortably reached with the “MY Trinity” in approx. 1 1/1 hours.


The unique 11m long and 3m wide speedboat – designed by Sea Bees to meet local demands – comprises generous spaces for 12 guests, diving equipment, a shower, a rest room and comfortable seats to meet the high standards of our Sea Bees fleet.
In general we use the “MY Trinity” for only day trips, the nearby local dive sites might alternatively be approached by authentic local longtail boats.
The “MY Trinity”, is a speedboat able to reach even the remotest dive sites quickly and comfortably thanks to its powerful engine and spacious design.


Inside the slim, imposing shape of the boat hides enough room for 12 guests, complete with shower, rest room and comfortable seating. A perfect way to enjoy a day trip further away from land.


Note: Nearby local dive sites might alternatively be approached by authentic longtail boats as an alternative.