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"5 days' diving including three trips to the South … so much to see!"

Therefore, we have added three Southern trips to our “Phuket Mix” to the highlights just off the coast of Nai Yang.

Here, you can make the most of the famous Shark Point, the beautifully-covered Anemone Reef and the ever popular King Cruiser wreck all which attracts a serious amount of attention from passing shoals. A veritable “fish soup”!

1 half day trip to Koh Waeo with 2 dives

1 half day excursion to the Airport Reef 2 Tauchgngen

3 full day tours to the south (e.g., Anemone Reef) with 2 dives.


Please note that these trips are currently available only from November to April. Due to the monsoon season and for your safety, our boats do not operate on the West Coast during this period.