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"The perfect place to "Get Certified"!"

Learn to scuba dive and gain a worldwide recognised certification in 4 just days. With theory lessons, pool exercises to practise and open water dives in the sea, join the ranks of one of the most popular recreational activities. Start here and dive the world!

SSI’s Personalised Training Approach is designed to make you a serious diver in a way that makes you feel comfortable and addresses your needs.


Under the guidance of a professional SSI Instructor, you will develop the knowledge and skills necessary to enjoy a lifetime of underwater exploration. This course can be completed in just four days. At the end you will be awarded the worldwide-recognised Open Water Diver certification, allowing you to dive independently to a depth of 18 metres.


SSI’s modular, six-session teaching system includes a video, manual, study guide, dive-log and dive tables. With SSI’s home study approach, you can minimise your time in the classroom, allowing for more time in the water.
In multiple pool and open water sessions, you’ll learn the following key skills:


* Moving through water with ease
* Breathing normally under water
* Controlling buoyancy so you maintain a fixed depth in the water
* The easiest ways to enter and exit the water
* Getting water out of your mask, and mask clearing


Once the course is complete, you’ll be confident and comfortable in the water and ready to begin your new favourite hobby.


OWD E-Learning

It is very common now that most diving organisations offer E-Learning. This means that the theory part can be completed online.


By doing this, it be possible to reduce the course duration from 4 to 3 days, because two half days are already omitted.


Nevertheless, you will need to spend a few hours in the classroom, during which you will review important points of the theory, so your instructor can be sure that you are able to use this knowledge in daily practice. E.g., the dive equipment and how to set it up. Last but not least, you will need to complete a short written exam.


Afterwards, the pool where you will complete 5-6 pool sections including skills, which are mandatory for all diving organisations. Diving in the pool should be fun and relaxing, therefore are there a few breaks throughout the day. During the intervals skills and the next dive will be discussed.


The process of the Open Water Course (once E-Learning is successfully completed) looks like this:

Day 1
Classroom as described above 5-6 pool dives
Start time is around 9:00 am – finish around 6:00 pm
Duration depends on how well you complete each skill, after all.. you learn diving in the pool. Therefore, it is the decision of your instructor if you are able to conduct the training dives from the boat in open water on the following 2 days. If needed, another day in the pool can be added.
The cost for the Open Water Diver Course (if you have successfully completed the E-learning part online, as well as the classroom and pool session on the first day) is Baht 18.000,-
If an extra day in the pool is required, no additional charge applies.


Upgrade to Open Water Diver

If you have already taken the first step in the underwater world and are a Scuba Diver, you can easily move up to Open Water Diver in just 2 days. The course consists of one day of theory and pool exercises with the following day completing two dives on the boat.


The price for this upgrade to Open Water Diver is 9,000, – Baht



The price includes all training with an instructor, diving equipment, water and fresh fruit on the boat.

Open Water Diver (E-Learning) Prices


OWD Upgrade: 1 day theory/pool, 1 on board our daytrip boat


OWD-E-Learning: OWD: Theory check , 4 Pool dives and 4 Open Water Dives from boat

with all open water dives from the boat, includes all diving equipment and round trip transfer to Kata, Karon or Patong area (other locations with an additional fee possible)