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"Become the ultimate diving "buddy""

Become the best “buddy diver”!
Learn how to be calm and effective during difficult situations as well as anticipating potential situations.

Stress is a major contributor to rescue situations and diving accidents. In this course you’ll learn effective accident prevention, as well as how to correctly deal with problem situations should they occur.


A safe dive is a fun dive, and you’ll learn how to identify potential problems – both on the surface and under water – and deal with them before they can become issues. The three-day course features both theory and in-water sessions (both in our pool and in open water) and teaches you the following:


Knowledge – You will learn to spot signs of stress and how to deal with it both in yourself and in other divers; before the dive, during the dive and after the dive. You will also learn about different personality types and the common behaviour of each type during stressful situations.


Skills – You will learn techniques to help you prevent and overcome common sources of stress associated with diving. You will also learn self-aid and buddy-aid skills for rescue situations.


Equipment – You will learn about how your equipment can help you to stay relaxed and enjoy every dive, what equipment is required in various rescue situations and how to use your equipment properly in the event of a rescue.


Note: Proof of participation in a First aid / CPR and Oxygen provider course within the previous two years is a Stress & Rescue Diver certification requirement. Sea Bees Diving offers internationally recognised React Right programs conducted in one day.


Minimum Age: 12 years.


Please note that National Park Fees* as well as rental equipment are excluded from the course price
Similan National Park Fee (subject to change):

Diver: ฿ 700,-/day

Rescue Diver Prices


one day classroom / pool, two days boat

Includes transfer from your hotel in Khao Lak (from Bangsak Beach to Khao Lak Beach)