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The Similan Islands are a stunning group of nine Islands, North West of Phuket, famous as one of the top dive destinations in the world and the uncontested No.1 spot in Asia. The diving here is simply amazing: You’ll immerse yourself in thriving reefs, lush corals, impressive sea fans and an incredible variety of marine life, including large pelagics such as Manta Rays and Whale Sharks.


The Similans are characterised by gigantic boulders above and below the water line that create awesome underwater scenery and exciting swim-through opportunities for you to explore. The water is crystal clear and the visibility is second-to-none. The Similans also boast exquisite sandy beaches and shallow coral reefs in the bays; a perfect place for some chilled-out snorkelling.


Spread among the nine islands are over twenty distinct dive sites. One of the favourites, especially for photographers, is Fantasea Reef; thousands of schooling fusiliers, banner fish and reef sharks make every picture truly worth a thousand words.


Another wonderful site is Christmas Point. This is a good spot for Manta Rays, Nurse Sharks and Barracudas. It also features an impressive variety of hard and soft corals and a wonderful maze of swim-throughs.


Shark Fin Reef has beautiful coral and sponge gardens. It is an excellent site to see reef sharks and huge Napoleon Wrasse.


Elephant Rock is so called due to its resemblance of an elephant head. Below the surface there are many impressive tunnels and swim-throughs where you can find small White Tip Reef Sharks in rock crevices as well as many colourful fish trying to avoid them.


Boulder City is another favourite site in the Similans. Due to its exposed location, it is possible to see almost anything here including Whale Sharks and Manta Rays.


The sheer amount of life that live against the backdrop of huge granite boulders make this a truly exceptional dive and is enthusiastically recommended.