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As a well known member of the dive industry in Thailand for more than 20 years, our aim is to offer a first class service, great fun, relaxation and the top dive spots around the Andaman Sea. Therefore, we are extremely pleased to introduce you to our new dive shop on the north west coast of Phuket. Welcome to the Sea Bees family!


Nai Yang Strand
On 1st October, the new Sea Bees Flagship Dive Shop at Nai Yang, Phuket opened its doors. The shop and the dive centre are located on the grounds of the 5 Star Boutique Hotel Indigo Pearl but open to all visitors.

The Shop will not only offer a variety of swimming, snorkeling and diving gear for sale or rent, it will also enhance the Sea Bees range of products with fantastic half day trips, something we knew was needed but did not have the opportunity to do so – until now. With two modern speedboats, we can now serve the amazing Island of Koh Weo, the well-known and popular Tin Miner wreck or even Shark Point, Anemone Reef or the King Cruiser Wreck with two dives in only half a day.


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Nai Yang is known as the most natural and beautiful beach on Phuket. A 1km strip of white sand nestled between two natural forest reserves, it is a bay right out of paradise with a house reef hosting an amazing variety of fish and even turtles, that lay their eggs in the warm sands of Nai Yang Beach.


swimming Sea Turtle


Our new base also features an own pool for training dives, a unique luxury on Phuket. We offer the whole range of diving courses, snorkeling and non-diving tours, event service and even boat charter.

Nearby, you will find varieties of accommodation, from bungalows to bed & breakfasts as well as 3,4 and 5 star hotels meeting your every need. Michael and Christin will manage the base and not only maintain our high standards but make it an unforgettable holiday for you. If you like Phuket, you will love Nai Yang. There’s an even better excuse now to visit!