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Diving is great fun here in Phuket, but some days you might like to do something else and explore Phuket above the water. Enjoy the island, people and animals in this tropical paradise. One of the best elephant trekking safaris is up on the hill between Kata and Kata View Point (famous landmark). Coming from Nai Harn, going over the hill towards Kata, pass the view point, keep going another 1-2 km and you will see the KOK CHANG Elephant Trekking Safari on your right hand side (actually the first thing you will see from the street is the bar). Really cool elephant trekking, actually in the jungle without any hotels, resorts or other real estate projects around – yes, you are still in Phuket. The trek will take you up to the summit, where you can enjoy a 360-degree view over Chalong, Nai Harn and Kata Beach. They open at 8.30 am, so you are welcome anytime after that until late afternoon. After the trek you will probably like to have a nice cold drink at the jungle bar, enjoy the view and maybe meet the gibbons. Charlie and Lam Yai live there now for 6-7 years, they come and go as they like because they live free – so there is no guarantee but a good chance to meet them. They are up and about early in the morning and usually go to sleep at 5 pm. The Kok Chang Elephant Trekking Station does not advertise or work together with any travel agencies, so in a way it’s one of Phuket’s little secrets. The best part of it: it’s not a show, the gibbons live in their natural environment and only appear when they feel like it – a real little paradise. Another difference to most Phuket places: the bar closes at 7 pm.