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It is Low Season again – time to ask what the difference is between “High” Season and “Low” Seaon apart from the fact that it’s summer in Europe?

The answer is quite simple: there is (almost) no difference.

The weather is pretty good most of the time, although the humidity is much higher than normal. It’s a widespread myth that it rains all the time over here…. it’s not like that at all…we have the occasional rain shower during the day, but this usually lasts only for a short time, after which the sun reappears.

As evidence, we have these pictures from our guest Simon Hyslop, a recent guest.

The visibility and current under water is not much different compared to the rest of the year. Many people prefer the low season, because there are not as many boats and divers at the varies dive spots. Due to the location of our Phuket dive sites are we able to offer day trips year round from our Island.

A big thank you to our dive guest, Simon Hyslop, for his fun, frolics and photos!

Double okay from Simon!