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The sixth annual “Lucky License Plate Auction” held in Phuket Town raised 23,504,500 baht. This is five million baht more than last year.

All 301 plates up for auction were sold, averaging 78,088 baht apiece – the highest average ever at the annual Phuket event. The event last year raised 18,745,500 baht, averaging 62,277 baht per plate.

Securing the top bid of 1.4 million baht at the auction this year was license plate Kor Nor 9999.

Most of the money raised from the auction will go to the Department of Land Transport’s national Road Safety Foundation to help pay for road-safety campaigns.
Some of the revenue will be handed over to Phuket educational institutions and to local police to help fund local road-safety campaigns, and some will go toward helping disabled people in Phuket. Every single baht will be returned to society.

Plate number 888

Plate number 888

Source: Phuket Gazette, 1st of March 2011