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We're one of the few dive centres in Thailand that offers the complete range of recreational dive-courses of SSI, PADI and CMAS certification courses. Whatever level you’re at, we offer the best instruction in the safest environment.

The SSI Personalised Training Approach is specially designed to adapt to the needs of every individual diver. Whether you’re a complete natural or have some fears to overcome, we promise to turn you into a serious diver in a way that is comfortable and enjoyable for you.


Our SSI Instructors use a water training method called Comfort Through Repetition that gets amazing results. Through practice your Scuba skills become second nature, making your dives more relaxing and enjoyable.


With world-wide recognition, divers who choose SSI are respected all over the world. Having over 2000 Authorised SSI Dealers in 100 countries, your SSI certification card will be welcome anywhere you want to dive in the future.

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