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Diving in the Similan Islands


The 9 Similan Islands in Thailand, which sit North West of Phuket, are not just a dreamy holiday spot, they are also famous for being one of the top dive destinations in the world, and certainly among the best in Asia.

similan islands scuba diving


Scuba diving the Similan Islands is enthralling


Immerse yourself in thriving reefs, lush corals, impressive sea fans and an incredible variety of marine life including large pelagics such as manta and stingrays as well as whale sharks.


The Similans are characterised by gigantic boulders that stretch above the waterline, creating stunning underwater scenery and exciting swim-throughs for divers to explore. The visibility is also some of the best in Thailand.


The Similan islands also boast exquisite sandy beaches and shallow coral reefs in the bays, making them a perfect place for snorkelling.


With over 20 unique dive sites, you’re never stuck for things to do in the Similan islands. And our liveaboard trips are the best way to experience them.


scuba diving similan islands


One of the favourite spots, especially for photographers, is West of Eden, where thousands of schooling Glassfish, Ghost Pipefish and White Tip Reef Sharks are ready for their close up.


Another site worthy of note is Christmas Point, a very good spot for manta rays, nurse sharks and barracudas. It also sports an impressive variety of hard and soft corals and a wonderful maze of swim-throughs.


Shark Fin Reef has beautiful coral and sponge gardens, making it an excellent opportunity to see reef sharks and huge Napoleon wrasse.


Elephant Head Rock, so called for a rock that looks like an elephant head, is another excellent spot for swim-throughs. Look for white tip reef sharks in rock crevices at the beginning of the dive, with further exploration rewarding you with an army of colourful fish.


Boulder City is another favourite diving site in the Similan islands due to its exposed location. It’s possible to see so much here as it is a great “meeting point”. It always rewards divers with amazing stories, for example, Leopard Sharks, Spanish Dancers and Great Barracudas and larger pelagics, making this dive spot a constant surprise no matter how many times you dive it.


leopard sharks diving thailand


Best time to visit the Similan islands for scuba diving


The Similan Islands park is closed between mid May and early November, when rain is plentiful and the weather can be quite rough and unpredictable.

Though popular amongst travellers in December and January, diving the Similans gets even better in the hot season from February to April when the seas are calmer and clearer.

Our liveaboard operates in the Similan islands from November until the end of April, offering many diving adventures that are hard to beat.


If you are interested to find out more about our daily dive trips and liveaboard tours to the Similans please get in touch with us now for an individual offer.